Edinburgh and Seattle

After visiting a couple of times, I think I put my finger on exactly why I like Edinburgh so much.  It is Seattle with older buildings and a much longer history.  The outdoorsy, free-spirit, friendly nature of both cities make them a delight to visit.

Archives Départementales de la Gironde

The Archives Départementales de la Gironde was less intimidating that I first thought it would be for my first time to a foreign archive.  The registration process was fairly painless, a bit awkward as my spoken french is very choppy, and the people at the desk spoke little English.  I was a little afraid they would snatch the application back and tell me to come back when I could speak their language better.  However, that did not come to pass.  I shyly emphasized that I could read french far better than I could speak it.  The woman at the desk politely smiled in return.  After storing my bag, I took the bare essentials, my camera, my computer, a notebook and a pencil, into the reading room.  Far smaller than I expected, but then my only experience with archives are either the one’s in the Founder’s Library or the Newberry Library.  I received my seat assignment and then figured out where to order documents.  I had a list already developed from prior searches on the website.  However, my documents took a while to retrieve and because they do not deliver documents between noon and one, I sat for two and half hours waiting.  Good thing I brought a book.

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