Day 170- the before shot

We got these chairs from my parents-in-law. And I love them. Comfortable and super stylish, but they need an upholstery update.  I can recover a simple seat, but these are a bit more complicated than that. 

I’ve order the fabric (a super cool mini- Chief Joseph pattern from Pendleton) and spoke with the local upholstery guy. When they’re done…I’ll share the finished product. 🙂

furniture builder?

So the results of my first foray into building furniture didn’t turn out all that bad.

When I moved into my studio space I realized I needed storage and seating and unable to find anything to my liking at everyone’s favorite swedish furniture emporium I headed to Home Depot’s wood section.

I did take woodworking in middle school, but all I made was a very chunky bowl, a very flimsy spoon, and a useless bumper hockey game.   So I tried to come up with solutions that wouldn’t require a whole lot of skill…or tools.  I have a power drill and a staple gun.  I love them both but, not exactly a woodworking workshop.   Voila!  Premade table legs, some wood boards and whole lot of screws later and I have myself some storage shelves…they’re on casters too so I can move them as necessary.

For my jewelry making and mixed media supplies

For my photography equipment and books

As for seating.   Whilst at Home Depot for above needed supplies…the super nice dude who cut my lumber had some very long and narrow pieces of plywood…the type used for subflooring.  He wondered if I could create something with them.  One has a very cool woody-pieced look with no ink from the manufacturer stamp which will become a coffee table in the future.  BUT one of the other pieces was perfect size for a bench.  Again with the assistance of premade leg, I now have a padded bench for seating.  Pillows will follow, but for now….

I may make this space so nice I wont want to go home.  Naw.